Did you know that nouns are the most common class of words in the English language? Nouns have a broader definition, but in simple terms, a noun is a word that identifies a person, place, thing, or idea.

By knowing a few simple cognate rules, students can learn Spanish and English fast by quickly expand their Spanish vocabulary or English Vocabulary.

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Meaning: (Noun) Rabia is the Spanish word for rage.

Rabia Definition (noun): Rabia is the Spanish translation for rabies. Spooky Halloween Words. .

río – rotundo.

. Mi novio está guapérrimo. .

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Spanish surname {prop} rizado: corrugated, wrinkled {adj}.

Compound nouns are made up of two or more words.

Feminine nouns. Common noun.

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Example: El médico dijo que tengo una úlcera y que necesito que me traten de inmediato.
Compound Nouns.

Compound nouns are made up of two or more words.

the bank.

This Spanish word that begins with K also refers to a pavilion you’ll find in parks where concerts are held. . “1 male dog + 3 female dogs = The dogs [masculine].

. . . Discover Spanish adjectives that begin with 'r' and practice rolling 'r' with a list of vocabulary words and a sample conversation. O. academy.


Example: Tienes. These will be your most helpful nouns starting out.

When you ulcerate, you develop an ulcer.

Martin, Europe, Paris, Friday.



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